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  • Andress, Sunnie (Soft-sculpture)
  • Bauman, Mary
  • Cullimore, Jill
  • Dennis, Mark
  • Evans, Lindy (Limited Edition)
  • Fronek, Lisa
  • Haney, Lynn (Limited Edition)
  • Jones, Bonnie
  • Johnston, Jack
  • Klawitter, Judith
  • Lux, Annette (porcelain)
  • O'Neil, Michele
  • Poindexter, Jennell (Porcelain)
  • Priddy, Jeanette
  • Rene, Linda (Primitives)
  • Salinas, Jill
  • Smith, Linda
  • Swarz, Audrey
  • Taylor, Marguerite
  • Thomas, Kim
  • Thompson, Holly
  • Treichler, Michelle Jewell
  • Vander Logt, Karen
  • VanNoy, Barbara
  • Zaperach, Jill
  • Ditz Hen House Santas (Limited Edition)
  • Santas by Alexa (Primitives)
  • Holly Thompson

    Mardi Gras Wild Man Yanni Claus Burgundy

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    Royal Santa Prince

    See Holly's current work in progress: Royal Santa, Prince...

    Sunnie Andress Designs

    Country Primitive Santa, by Sunnie Andress Olde World Santa Claus, by Sunnie Andress
    "Country Primitive Santa" and "Olde World Santa Claus", by Sunnie Andress

    Visions of an Olde Friend (Mary Bauman)

    A Christmas Carol, by Mary Bauman

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    Karen Vander Logt Artdolls

    He Knows, by Karen Vander Logt

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    J.C. Designs (Jill Cullimore)

    Santa with Sore Feet, by Jill Cullimore Santa with Sore Feet, by Jill Cullimore
    "Santa with Sore Feet" - pictured with Jill Cullimore

    Mark Dennis

    Sandy Claus, by Mark Dennis Hush!, by Mark Dennis Young at Heart, by Mark Dennis
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    The Grandfather Claus
    (Lisa Fronek)

    Harold, by Lisa Fronek

    Star Struck Santa, "Harold", by Lisa Fronek

    Johnston Original Art Dolls (Jack Johnston)

    Santa on Broadway, by Jack Johnston Teddy Bear Maker, by Jack Johnston
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    Original Doll Sculptures (Bonnie Jones)

    Father Christmas, by Bonnie Jones Father Christmas, by Bonnie Jones Father Christmas, by Bonnie Jones
    "Father Christmas", by Bonnie Jones
    Father Christmas stands on a handmade mosaic base, and is about 20 inches tall. The tiles on the bse are Iridium glass tiles from Italy, and the sides are painted in metallic 14K gold paint. Santa is dressed in silk velvet and silk trimmed in beading and curly mohair fabric. His beard and hair are platinum blonde mohair, and he has blue glass eyes. Santa is holding an antique doll and his bag is filled with vintage christmas decorations. Face and hands are sculpted from prosculpt, and his boots are made from Creative paper clay. He holds an antique doll, and his bag has vintage Christmas decorations. The cape and robe are appliqued with antique lace and a little German glass glitter for sparkle.

    Patriotic Santa, by Bonnie Jones Patriotic Santa, by Bonnie Jones Patriotic Santa, by Bonnie Jones Patriotic Santa, by Bonnie Jones
    "Patriotic Santa", by Bonnie Jones
    This 25-inch long Santa is a shelf-sitter. His face was sculpted with paper clay over cloth and then painted with acrylics. He has a lamb's wool beard and blue glass eyes. Santa wears a blue wool coat, cotton flannel striped pants and red velvet mittens and hat. His back pack is made from a blue flannel with white stars. The buttons on his coat and hat are real vintage military buttons. This Santa was featured in "Country Roads" magazine!

    Judith Klawitter

    White Santa, by Judith Klawitter Josiah, by Judith Klawitter Josiah, by Judith Klawitter Santa on Goat, by Judith Klawitter
    "Josiah", "Victorian (6-foot) Santa" and "Santa on Goat", by Judith Klawitter

    Michele O'Neil

    Barnyard Santas, by Michele O'Neil

    "Barnyard Santas", by Michele O'Neil
    These are REAL roosters (taxidermist-supplied)! I didn't realize they were "real" (just thought that they were gorgeous - and since I collect both Santas and Roosters - this was quite a "find")... until just before they got here - when I asked Michele where on earth she found such realistic, life-like Roosters! So far, I have seen no "chicken ghosts" wandering the house... but I'll keep my eyes peeled (hopefully not pecked)! According to "Extraordinary Chickens", these are "Light Brahma" and "Plymouth Rock" roosters.

    Jeanette Priddy (Santa's Legends & More)

    Baxter on Goose, by Jeanette Priddy Dexter on Bear, by Jeanette Priddy
    "Baxter on Goose" and "Dexter on Bear", by Jeanette Priddy
    Baxter and Dexter love to ride the animals! 22-inch Baxter is dressed in burgundy velvet, trimmed with fox fur. 23-inch Dexter is dressed in dark red velvet, trimmed with gold braid and golden rabbit fur. The goose and bear are covered with rabbit fur.

    Linda Rene (Rene's Rags)

    Primitive Santa by Linda Rene Primitive Santas by Linda Rene Primitive Santa by Linda Rene
    Primitive Santas by Linda Rene
    Linda makes unique, one-of-a-kind Santas using tattered cutter quilts, vintage linens, old buttons and lace. Her dolls are self-designed and hand-made, with hand-embroidered faces made from aged muslin, and angora wool hair/beards. These are some of the most wonderful primitives I've seen - they're totally huggable.

    Jill Salinas

    Victorian Santa by Jill Salinas Victorian Santa by Jill Salinas Victorian Santa by Jill Salinas Victorian Santa by Jill Salinas
    "Victorian Father Christmas", by Jill Salinas
    Victorian Father Christmas stands approximately 24 inches tall. He has fully sculpted head and hands (polymer clay) and a soft-sculpted body. Father Christmas is lavishly dressed in a velvet crazy quilt robe trimmed in mink and silver bells. On his back, he hauls a woodsy basket of Christmas toys and greens.

    Linda Smith

    Santa Head, by Linda Smith
    Santa Head Sculpture by Linda Smith
    Santa's head measures 16" in length, 9" in width, and hangs from a gold cord! He has a very generous beard of Tibetan Lamb's wool. Santa wears a cap of heavy red wool, accented with holiday berries and trim.
    Linda's fairies!

    Audrey Swarz

    Fime for Play Santa, Fairy and Bernard Puppet Theater

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    Marguerite Taylor

    Father Christmas, by Marguerite Taylor Father Christmas, by Marguerite Taylor
    (Photos courtesy of Marguerite Taylor)
    "Father Christmas", by Marguerite Taylor
    Marguerite's noble 36" Father Christmas wears a dark taupe Berber coat trimmed in luxury faux designer fur with matching hat. He holds a sculpted paper clay clown, wooden mandolin and wooden monkey. Beside him is a leather bag full of wonderful toys hand-crafted by Marguerite. He has been sculpted from polymer clay over a wire armature. The body is cloth, the hair and beard are 100% mohair and the eyes are hand-painted. This santa was seen in the Holiday 2003 issue of Dolls Magazine.
    virgin brazilian hair

    Kim Thomas

    Santa Ornament, by Kim Thomas Santa Ornament, by Kim Thomas Santa Ornament, by Kim Thomas Santa Ornament, by Kim Thomas
    Christmas Ornaments by Kim Thomas
    These one-of-a-kind Santa ornaments were meticulously hand-sculpted from polymer clay. Each is signed, numbered and dated. The Santas are about 12 inches long, including the silk cream hanging cords. Beards and brows are made from hand washed Leicester-Lincoln fleece. Eyes are hand sculpted from clay and painted many shades of blue. They are sealed with a varnish and as a finishing touch a twinkle is added to give Santa that extra sparkle.
    Kim's fairies!

    Santa Ornament, by Kim Thomas Santa Ornament, by Kim Thomas

    Whimsies (Michelle Jewell Treichler)

    Yule-time, by Michelle Jewell Treichler Quilted Father Christmas, by Michelle Jewell Treichler

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    Original Art Dolls by Barbara E. VanNoy

    Doll Crafter Magazine Barbara VanNoy The Gift-Giver, by Barbara VanNoy

    "The Gift-Giver", by Barbara E. VanNoy

    Inspired by an antique postcard, this Father Christmas is dressed in a flowing burgundy velvet coat trimmed in sable fur. The gown he is wearing is silk brocade trimmed with gold. Santa carries an armload of gifts, with handmade toys and an antique children's book. The puppet he is holding in his right hand really works. This art doll is 23" tall and plays "Adeste Fideis."

    Barbara VanNoy Barbara VanNoy

    "Coca-Cola Santa", by Barbara E. VanNoy

    This Santa was commissioned and created in 2003!

    Jill's Santas (Jill Zaperach)

    Photos courtesy of Jill's Santas!

    Elegant Santa, by Jill Zaperach Essence Of Christmas, by Jill Zaperach Starlight Santa, by Jill Zaperach

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    Lindy Evans

    Kriss Kringle Kriss Kringle

    "Kriss Kringles", by Lindy Evans
    Lynn Haney

    Country Side Journey, by Lynn Haney Christmas Express, by Lynn Haney

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    Annette Lux

    Annette's Santa creations are dressed in absolutely gorgeous, fully lined fur robes. These Santas are hand made in Walkerton, Ontario, by recycling genuine fur coats, real leathers and fine woolens. The Santas have porcelain faces and hands, pure mohair beards, and are made with the finest accent materials. You have to see these to believe them - they far surpass any porcelain Santas that I have ever seen.

    Canadian Santas Canadian Santas
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    Jennell Poindexter

    Poindexter Poindexter

    Ditz Design by The Hen House, Inc.

    Santa with Lighted Tree, by Hen House Bears Bear Hugs

    Father Christmas (with lighted tree), Bear Hugs (with lighted ball)

    Polar Bear with Tree Christmas Penguin Christmas Trails

    Polar Bear (with lighted tree), Penguin (with lighted tree), Christmas Trails (with lighted tree)
    Primitive Santas by Alexa

    Primitive Santa Primitive Santa

    Primitive Santas by Alexa
    Santas made in Oregon. Orignal designs, entirely handcrafted. Coffee-vanilla aged for a vintage look. No glue used anywhere...